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Student Council

The Student Council at Modern High School International

The Student Council at Modern High School International serves as a representative body, dedicated to addressing student needs and concerns while fostering a positive and inclusive school environment. Comprised of passionate student representatives organized into four committees—Communications, Cultural, Peer Support Group, and Ethics—the council plays a vital role in facilitating communication and collaboration between students and the school administration. One of its primary functions is to act as a liaison, ensuring that students’ voices are heard and advocating for necessary changes and improvements within the school. It also oversees and supports events and activities that promote school spirit, student engagement, and community involvement, emphasizing the welfare and rights of all students.
Through its diverse committees, the Student Council provides essential assistance, promotes inclusiveness, and upholds the school’s values. It offers students valuable opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills, engage in decision-making processes, and reflect the broad spectrum of student opinions. Ultimately, the council strives to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every student can thrive academically and socially, making it a crucial entity in the school’s overall structure and student experience.

Election Process

Student Council Committees

Communications Committee

The communications committee, an integral part of the Student Council, aims to ensure and maintain efficient communication between the student body and the council. The team works as a clear bridge between the student community and the administration. The committee is currently working on setting up notice boards across campus for the ease of information delivery. Along with that, weekly broadcasts using the school's PA system allows the committee to communicate upcoming plans directly to the student body, also giving them a platform to talk about their individual ideas and initiatives.

Cultural Committee

The cultural committee works to enhance the diverse set of skills and co-curricular activities within the student community. The committee establishes a clear line of communication with the school clubs and societies, ensuring future initiatives and plans are set in place. The cultural committee is further responsible for overseeing inter and intra school fests, and ensuring student engagement and enthusiasm in various kinds of activities outside the classroom.

Ethics Committee

The student council's Ethics Committee aims to encourage integrity and ethical behavior among our fellow students, inspiring them to uphold exemplary standards of conduct. The committee’s duties involve creating an environment of honesty, fairness, and respect. Additionally, we implement policies to spread awareness in our school community about the importance of making ethical decisions.

Peer Support Group

The Peer Support Group aims to promote student wellbeing and mental health. The PSG is responsible for promoting a safe, inclusive space in school, working on multiple initiatives in line with these goals, including the organization of recreational activities and open-mic sessions, which allows students to take a breather from a hectic school day.


Ultimately, one of our school’s primary goals is to promote a positive and inclusive sporting culture within our school community. Our vision is to develop not only skilled athletes but also individuals who demonstrate integrity, honour, respect and sportsmanship, both on and off the field. Currently we are engaged in hosting multiple intra-school sporting events, including badminton, table-tennis and basketball.

Student Council AY 2023-24

Below are our student council members for the Academic Year 2023-2024