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Leadership Team


Ms Devi Kar

It was indeed a joyous day when we at MHSI entered our new premises on 28 November, 2022. Everything looked bright, shiny and ‘state of the art’ . What an exciting experience it was to witness the thrill and pride with which teachers and students were settling down in their brand new environment! I understand fully that this is just the beginning, but in the last 4 years MHSI has already taken the first important steps in the ongoing journey of learning which has no fixed destination.

When I sit down to reflect on what the destination should be, so far as the MHSI lap of the lifelong journey is concerned, I realise that each student will be taking her or his own individual route. MHSI must facilitate the journey by giving abundant opportunities to learn - not only from the curriculum but from rich experiences. It is with this idea in mind that we chose our tagline,

   MHSI - where every experience matters   

We want MHSI to be a happy and vibrant learning centre where the best in every individual will find expression. It is important to us that our students are comfortable about being themselves and face the ups and downs of life with grace and confidence. I feel sure that most MHSI students will excel in academics and co curricular activities and all of them will be eminently successful in the careers of their choice. But we must ensure that in the time that they spend with us, their value schemas are strengthened, that they demonstrate integrity of the highest order and are intrinsically respectful and compassionate towards others.

It is my cherished desire that MHSI students will be known everywhere, not only for their achievements but also for their poise, moral courage and altruistic nature.


Ms. Nandini Ghatak

The beginning is the most important part...

It was Plato who said that the beginning is the most important part of the work. It is at the beginning that we plan and build our foundations, strengthen our value system, practise self-discipline and understand how to progress. We all know and understand that today we live in a world that is in a state of constant flux! We understand therefore, how essential it is for each one of us to develop the ability to envision the future and develop a sense of purpose.

For me personally, coming back to Kolkata is homecoming after almost 20 long years. It is a huge honour and an incredibly exciting opportunity to be entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating Modern High School International’s journey to excellence. Joining the MHSI Senior Leadership Team consisting of a team of talented, committed and dedicated educators has been an enriching experience.

The faculty at MHSI has a wealth of diverse experiences and are a passionate and driven team. It is therefore with purposeful intent that we have embarked upon the journey to build a forward-thinking, technology enabled institution firmly founded on the 70-year-old legacy of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram (Truth, Beauty and Compassion)

Building anything always has its initial challenges. Challenges that test our patience and forbearance. These same challenges also give us incredible opportunities...opportunities to rethink and innovate. The pandemic has taught us that resilience is key, and adaptability is essential. Schools in the post-pandemic era must look beyond traditional archetypal models of teaching wherein the curriculum is viewed simply as a compilation of topics in a textbook. It is vital for schools to understand that curriculum must have an overarching role enabling the teaching-learning processes to support the holistic development of children. This requires ensuring that:

Having said that, what matters the most at the end of the day, is a school where all teachers believe that they can, and they will make a positive difference in the lives of each student!