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ShowCASe 2023

ShowCASe: First offline fest at MHSI

The CAS programme emphasises developing well-rounded individuals

who thrive in the classroom and also have a good social influence through their

actions. CAS paves a path of learning and growth so our students can ShowCASe

our real potential and become tomorrow’s change-makers.


Ms Asmita Chatterjee, the CAS coordinator at MHSI, provided an insider’s account

of the origins of the fest two years ago. She said, “The idea for ShowCASe is

actually, that of one students of the class of 2022, Vani Agarwal. During the

pandemic, they could not do their CAS project outside, so they thought they could

do an inter-school fest.” Continuing the traditions of the first online version, the

names of the events have largely remained the same. The students came up with

innovative events that would challenge and help ShowCASe the strengths of each of

the participants.