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Indo German Exchange Programme

Indo German Exchange Programme at
Modern High School International

Welcome to the Indo German Exchange Programme at Modern High School International.

This Indo German Exchange Programme is a great learning experience for our students, fostering cultural exchange and mutual learning between students and educators from Kolkata, India, and our esteemed partner schools, Gesamtschule Ückendorf and Ricarda Huch Gymnasium in Germany.

The Indo German Exchange Programme group from our partner schools in Germany arrived on 5th March and was warmly welcomed at our school. Partner schools, Gesamtschule Ückendorf & Ricarda Huch Gymnasium, have embarked on this enriching journey of cultural immersion and educational exchange.

The second day of our Indo German Exchange Programme was filled with dynamic activities aimed at fostering creativity and cross-cultural understanding. Participants engaged in invigorating dance and tie and dye workshops, exploring and celebrating the diversity of artistic expression.

The next day marked a significant phase of our exchange programme, with German exchange students participating in class observations and engaging in enlightening discussions with the German Consul General, Ms. Voss. Additionally, a captivating Gala pen stand making workshop facilitated collaborative learning and creative expression.

Continuing the spirit of cultural exchange, participants delved into another day of vibrant workshops, including dance and tie and dye sessions. The day culminated in a thought-provoking interculturality and gender workshop at Goethe Institut, where the exchange group had the privilege of interacting with the esteemed President, Ms. Carola Lentz.

A highlight of our programme was the exclusive interaction with Ms. Carola Lentz, President of Goethe Institut, who graciously shared insights and experiences with our exchange group. Her visit from Munich to various Goethe Institutes in India provided a unique opportunity for meaningful dialogue and cultural exchange.

Exploring the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Kolkata, participants embarked on a captivating city tour, visiting iconic landmarks such as Victoria Memorial, Princep Ghat, Eden Gardens, St. John’s Church, and the historic Howrah Bridge.

The day concluded with a tantalizing street food workshop at 6Ballygunge Place, where participants indulged in DIY Papdi chaat, a musical jamming session, and savored a variety of delectable street food delights, including Jhalmuri, Ghoti Gorom, Kulfi, Soda Shikanjee, and more, fostering camaraderie and culinary exploration.