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Guides Trip to Pedong

Students share their experience from the trip

Filled with joy and enthusiasm, the MHS Guide company departed from Howrah Station on the 29th of March. Carrying our rucksacks and excitement for what awaits, we set off for our 7-hour train journey towards New Jalpaiguri. Our coach was filled with lively chatter as we headed towards our destination. Upon arrival at New Jalpaiguri, we loaded into our cars and set off on a 6-hour journey uphill towards our hotel, Sood’s Himalayan Vista. Exhausted after a day’s travel, we were greeted with a warm welcome and refreshments by the lovely hotel staff. After dinner and a briefing, we all headed to our rooms to be well rested for the next day that awaited.

Waking up at 6 am, we headed to the beautiful and tranquil garden for morning exercises. Afterwards, we got ready to head towards Cross Hill, Pedong to challenge ourselves to a 6km trek. Our starting point was around approximately 4860 ft. Tackling trekking through overgrown plants, hanging branches and a steep uphill climb, the journey was worth it when we reached the peak at 5000 ft.

Watching the entire Pedong valley spread out below us and literally having our heads in the clouds was an exhilarating feeling. We rested at the peak, freshening up and taking in the mesmerizing view in front of us, before beginning our descent downhill. After a tiring 6 km trek, we were filled with elation to sit down on a rooftop, enjoying the beautiful mountain atmosphere and delicious food being served. Heading back to the campsite, we were exhausted but content as we began our preparations for the night’s campfire. Patrols came together to put up a dance, song, skit and action songs. The sense of unity, love and enjoyment echoed through our campfire.

Another early morning for the MHS Guide Company, we started our day with the BP 6 exercises. After breakfast, all 4 patrols were ready for the competition. Each patrol had 2 hours to make 2 posters on topics and colours assigned to them. Afterwards, we had an afternoon filled with games and fun ahead of us. After 3 hours of fun we headed back to our respective rooms. After that joyous day, we were all tired and headed to our rooms for another exciting day.

On the morning of the first day of the month, we woke up at 6a.m. and were ready to take on another day at the campsite. The day of the Grand Campfire where every class performed a little something for the senior most class. All classes were enthusiastically preparing for the Grand Campfire. The Campfire was lit at 7:30 in the evening. The evening was filled with energy, happiness and unity as the MHS Guide Company sang and danced. Every campfire that takes place is always filled with emotions of love, joy and unity. After this tiring day, we were eager to get back to our rooms to rest for another tiring day of travel. This last day at the campsite for the MHS Guide Company was a merry and enjoyable one.

On the 2nd of April the MHS Guide Company was ready to leave the campsite at 8:15 in the morning. We began our 6-hour journey downhill towards New Jalpaiguri. We boarded our train at 2:30 and began our 7-hour train journey to Howrah Station. Even on our journey back, our coach was filled with lively chatter. At 10:15 we reached Howrah Station and that was the end of our Guides Trip to Pedong.