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Collaborative Art Event

Collaborative Art Space Art Contest

The Collaborative Art Space Art Contest, conducted in an online format, challenged participants to venture into the realm of Techspressionism — an innovative fusion of physical and digital art forms.

Anika Goenka, representing MHSI, forged a collaborative partnership with a peer from Ahmedabad, Sparsh Jhuvar of Zydus School for Excellence, Godhavi. Together, they embarked on the creation of two artworks exploring the theme “Not yet Decided.” This dynamic collaboration seamlessly blended their individual digital and physical art proficiencies.

In addition to the collaborative efforts, Anika Goenka also undertook the challenge individually, crafting a distinct artwork aligned with the same theme. The culmination of these creative endeavors found a virtual platform in the organized exhibition associated with the contest. Notably, one of the collaborative pieces earned the distinction of being recognized among the top 5 collaborative works presented in the exhibition—a testament to the artistic ingenuity and collaborative synergy demonstrated by Anika Goenka and Sparsh Jhuvar.