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CAS Trip to Auroville

CAS Trip to Auroville

The 6-day CAS trip to Auroville in Puducherry marked a transformative experience for Grade 11 students enrolled in the IBDP curriculum at Modern High School International. This excursion was designed to integrate creativity, activity, and service into their learning journey.

The students actively participated in workshops that offered hands-on experiences in crafting cloth pads, fashioning musical instruments, creating ornaments from coconut shells, and exploring recycled newspaper art techniques. Beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning, these activities instilled practical skills, encouraging students to think innovatively and fostering a deeper connection with sustainable practices.

The visit to the Visitor’s Centre and the awe-inspiring Matri Mandir provided a unique cultural and spiritual perspective. Cycling through the serene landscapes on e-cycles, walking amidst the forests, and indulging in sustainable, organic meals at the Solar Kitchen exposed the students to the essence of Auroville’s sustainable culture. This immersive exposure challenged the students to step out of their comfort zones, fostering adaptability and resilience in adjusting to new environments and cultural dynamics.

Beyond the acquisition of practical skills, the trip emphasized the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Engaging in various activities alongside peers, students learned the significance of effective communication, cooperation, and mutual understanding. The collective experience not only enriched their interpersonal skills but also provided a holistic education that extended beyond the theoretical framework of their academic curriculum.

As the students returned from Auroville, they not only carried memories of a unique adventure but also a newfound appreciation for the practical application of knowledge and the ability to navigate diverse situations with confidence and grace.

Visitor's Centre

Riding e-cycles through the forest trail

Capoeira - a Brazilian dance and martial arts form

Sound Garden and Organic Farming

Cloth Pad Workshop

Pottery and Clay Workshop

Newspaper Recycling Workshop

Theatre Games