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MHSI at Bosco Fest

Modern High School International at the Bosco Fest

Bosco Fest 2024 was a remarkable experience for our school, highlighting the dedication and enthusiasm of our students. Preparations began during the summer break, with students eagerly stepping forward to volunteer and recruit participants for various competitions. The early start and diligent efforts set the stage for an event filled with anticipation and excitement. It was inspiring to witness students from all classes come together, demonstrating a shared commitment to representing MHSI with pride and determination.

The level of coordination and organization displayed by our students was truly exceptional. They meticulously planned and strategized, ensuring that every competition had a well-prepared team ready to excel. Even for events we hadn’t initially intended to participate in, passionate students took the initiative to form teams and devise a way for MHSI to compete. This proactive approach showcased the resourcefulness and collaborative spirit that defines our school community. The seamless teamwork and brilliant organization were a true depiction of the MHSI spirit – to keep going and excel, no matter the obstacles.

Bosco Fest 2024 was more than just a series of competitions; it was a testament to the resilience and determination of our students. Regardless of the number of medals or awards won, the experience itself was a victory for MHSI. Our students’ unity, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence made the event a significant milestone for our school. This fest will be remembered as a time when the MHSI community came together to showcase their talents, celebrate their achievements, and embody the values that make our school exceptional.